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19Oct Watches worn by the most powerful people in the world

THE WRISTWEAR OF EXCEPTIONALLY powerful and influential people, typically presidents, world leaders and dominating commercial executives has always fascinated the watch community at large. We of course understand and recognise why we choose the watches we wear and why we are fascinated by time and the fondness of the emotional stories…

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31Aug Explorer watches

Exploration and horology have long been intertwined with one another, with the Explorer needing to precisely measure the passing of time, as well as the tool being a vital aspect of navigation and communication. Exploring the world, trying new and exciting physical pursuits, and appreciating natures beauty are all values…

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31Aug Mechanical watches vs smart devices for your wrist.

In the past five years, the very concept of the Smartwatch has blown up in popularity and has become a genuine household name. Offering beneficial heath applications, quirky designs and relativity low price propositions the modern Smartwatch is being dubbed the greatest tool watch ever. It is also true that…

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31Aug The history of the California Dial

The History of the California DialThe essence of the ‘California Dial’ is extremely simplistic. A watch dial that consists of both half Roman and half Arabic numerals. Generally speaking, numbers 10 to 2 are Roman and 4 to 8 are Arabic, however the classic architype has changed and evolved over…

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27Nov Porsche Club Motorsport Awards

November 24th 2018.   This year we were delighted to sponsor Porsche Club Motorsport. At their annual awards I presented the winners with a specially engraved Weissach® Chronograph, which I thought was rather fitting.The evening was held at Puckruck Hall in Tewkesbury and attended by other sponsors of PCGB. I look…

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07Jun "Everyone should own a watch with a story"

Every morning I start work, turn on my systems and ask myself  'Why buy an Omologato?'. Why should any of my customers want to buy a watch from us today?As many may know we post a lot on Social Media, it's the place that helped start this business and is…

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04May Henry Hope-Frost 1970 - 2018

"I remember the exact time and place I was that evening I got the call to say something terrible had happened"

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22Jan SIHH - Geneva January 19th 2018

Friday 19th January 2018Early flight out of Gatwick took me to Geneva and the SIHH Show at Palexpo. I was looking forward to this as it was an opportunity for me to ogle over the master creators of watches such as A.Lange & Söhn and Parmigiani amongst many others. Also…

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13Oct Why choose a wrist watch?

There are many fantastic brands in the market at the moment all providing good quality watches for the type of price I'm making mine for. So why choose Omologato?I've often wondered when buying something why I want it. Is it the quality or the design or perhaps what it stands…

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