Partner Codes

First things first - we don't do discounts.

We believe in offering value and so discounting what we do undermines the integrity of the product and your decision to spend money with us. 

However when we do Clearance Sales, it means we’re about to bring in new models and sometimes it’s best to move that stock on.

The company’s ethos is to #SupportTheSport - which basically means a percentage of our profits go straight back in to the sport we all love. If we discounted, the first set of people that would feel that would be the ones we support on or around race tracks. 

Not a great business plan if you want to remain authentic.

Also we don't do general Voucher or Discount Codes. If you're referred to us by a third party website promoting one, then it won't work on our website.

The Codes you may have seen only serve as a purpose to see where our sales are coming from and to generate income for the racing drivers/teams that are promoting them. 

If you'd like to email me direct to ask any other questions, please do so HERE - I'm always happy to talk watches and motorsport.

Thank you for your interest in Omologato.

Shami Kalra - Founder