01Dec Can-Am

Take a selection of the world’s fastest and most versatile drivers, equip them with massive, purpose-built, V8-powered sports-racers, unleash them around North America’s finest road courses and see what transpires.That’s exactly what happened in the almost-mythical and much-lamented Canadian-American Challenge Cup in the second half of the 1960s and first…

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29Nov James Hunt

Grand Prix racing enthusiasts of a certain vintage will remember fondly the summer of 1976, when one of the Formula 1 World Championship’s most celebrated battles for supremacy – that between British playboy James Hunt and his prickly Austrian rival Niki Lauda – played out. And it wasn’t just the…

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29Nov Ferrari - Formula 1 Champions 1961

After two years of licking his wounds, inflicted by British ‘garagiste’ Cooper Cars and its revolutionary and world-beating rear-engined racers, Enzo Ferrari had had enough. He needed to bounce back for 1961.And his Maranello mothership had nowhere to hide; it had gone public in 1960, which put the world’s most…

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