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23Feb Monza - The Temple of Speed

Monza: a name that for almost a century has resonated among generations of motorsport enthusiasts, be it World Champion racers or the passionate ‘tifosi’ who make the annual pilgrimage to this hallowed and haunting Italian venue. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, which opened in September 1922 and was pre-dated only by Brooklands…

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01Dec Can-Am

Take a selection of the world’s fastest and most versatile drivers, equip them with massive, purpose-built, V8-powered sports-racers, unleash them around North America’s finest road courses and see what transpires.That’s exactly what happened in the almost-mythical and much-lamented Canadian-American Challenge Cup in the second half of the 1960s and first…

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29Nov James Hunt

Grand Prix racing enthusiasts of a certain vintage will remember fondly the summer of 1976, when one of the Formula 1 World Championship’s most celebrated battles for supremacy – that between British playboy James Hunt and his prickly Austrian rival Niki Lauda – played out. And it wasn’t just the…

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29Nov Ferrari - Formula 1 Champions 1961

After two years of licking his wounds, inflicted by British ‘garagiste’ Cooper Cars and its revolutionary and world-beating rear-engined racers, Enzo Ferrari had had enough. He needed to bounce back for 1961.And his Maranello mothership had nowhere to hide; it had gone public in 1960, which put the world’s most…

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