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    Being part of Team Omologato signifies more than just a membership; it represents a connection to a community of individuals who share a passion for motorsports, style, and precision. Here's what it generally means to be part of Team Omologato:

    1. Passion for Motorsports: Team Omologato is united by a deep passion for motorsports. Whether it's the exhilarating sound of engines, the thrill of the race, or the history of iconic moments on the track, being part of the team means sharing in the love for all things motorsports.

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    3. Racing Lifestyle: Team Omologato embodies a racing lifestyle. Members appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating motorsport-inspired timepieces and accessories. It's not just about wearing a watch; it's about wearing a piece of racing history that tells a unique story.

    4. Community Connection: Being part of Team Omologato means joining a community of like-minded individuals. Whether online or at motorsports events, members share experiences, recommendations, and a camaraderie that comes from a shared love for racing and stylish accessories.

    5. Racing Culture Representation: Team Omologato members often become ambassadors for the racing culture. By wearing Omologato timepieces and accessories, they represent the values of precision, performance, and the rich history of motorsports.

    6. Involvement in Motorsports Events: Omologato frequently collaborates with motorsports events and racing teams. Being part of the team might involve opportunities to attend races, meet drivers, and engage with the motorsports community at a deeper level.

    7. Celebration of Racing Heritage: Omologato's designs often celebrate the heritage of racing. Being part of the team means appreciating and embracing this heritage, understanding the significance of iconic liveries, historic circuits, and legendary racing moments.

    8. Style and Elegance: Team Omologato members appreciate the style and elegance that come with the brand. The watches and accessories are not just functional; they are fashion statements that reflect a sophisticated taste in design.

    9. Shared Values: Ultimately, being part of Team Omologato means sharing the values of innovation, precision, and a commitment to quality. It's about embracing a lifestyle that fuses the excitement of motorsports with the elegance of finely crafted timepieces.

    In essence, Team Omologato is a collective of individuals who don't just wear watches; they wear a symbol of a racing culture, a connection to history, and a commitment to a lifestyle that celebrates the essence of motorsports.


    Wear the Strap

    To fit lug : 22mm width

    Buckle : Black IP plated