Why sponsor?

Why sponsor?

Why sponsorship? 

A question I get asked a lot, even Nick English from Bremont cornered me in Marrakesh to ask why I got involved.

When I set up Omologato back in 2015 I knew I wanted to not only build a brand but wanted to give something back to the sport I love. So the decision was made from day 1 that I would give something - if I could afford to - to help people race. This wasn't a marketing ploy (and still isn't), this was me loving racing.

The first person I identified was my now friend Nathalie McGloin in the PCGB Championship. Not only had she shown grit enough to race a car hard but she did it despite her being in a wheelchair. I like that attitude, a lot. Doing something that the World says you can't do. Bit like starting a watch company against the many established brands. Most laughed. Which is fair enough as it's not easy. Even today I work over 18 hours a day, but sometimes it doesn't feel like work.

Going on from Nathalie and the success of what we did together I started looking further afield to other racers and series for more opportunities to build an audience. Sponsorship to me doesn't mean getting someone elses champagne and free food, it's about bringing my customers closer to the sport they love, identifying why you are wearing whatever Omologato watch you bought. 

The Mahindra Racing Formula E deal is a prime example of how sponsorship worked for Omologato. Formula E was controversial enough when it started anyway and to bring an audience in to engage with it was tough. The cries of "milk float racing' 'boring drivers' etc etc wasn't suprising on my social media feeds, but slowly the sport started being accepted, especially since the announcement that all 4 big German manufacturers will be racing each other soon. Something that I don't believe has ever happened before. Aligning your brand with a team who's ethics and presence was all about the future and challenging the norm sat well with me. This global series was a great vehicle to promote the brand and to show that we are partners with world class people. Being in a sport that people were confused about started many conversations which led on to "what do you do?"

The whole team and the Team Boss Dilbagh Gill are like family to me and I am treated that way.

Going on from that social aspect that the brand is building we started holding the #ChronosAndCars events. They aren't about making money, they're about access and being inclusive. Not many brands include the customer after the sale is done. To me every customer becomes a part of a family or #TeamOmologato we call it. So again the watch you wear is part of something, it doesn't just tell the time but more about you. 

I am now involved in many series of sponsorship most recently Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Indy Car. The massive amounts of passion with which this team is run on is what endeared me to doing this deal. They care about the fans, the engagement, the team personnel equally. The fans love the drivers James Hinchcliffe and Robert Wickens and in turn have warmed to my brand who they endorse. Building that trust in a world where everyone is competing is why I The recent Indy 500 trip was covered on all our social media including Instagram Stories where we were able to bring some behind the scenes footage to peoples phones. Sales were great and the future looks great in the US market.

Other sponsorship deals : 

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