Omologato Young Racers Program

Omologato Young Racers Program

Omologato Young Racers Program

As we keep mentioning over our social media communications and in person, Omologato is all about #SupportingTheSport - giving back to the sport is one of the most important activities of the company.

One area that we've noticed over the years is how many younger drivers approach us with very little structure to a proposal for a potential sponsor to convert sponsorship money in to actual profit. Companies, now more than ever, need to make their money work for them at the same time partner with people who share their values. The business of motorsport is fascinating if it's done right, yet so many get it wrong.

As a result we've decided to employ the services of an established mentor and business oriented specialist, who's worked with the greats from Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton to the novices who have a big dream. Ivor Bourne of Integra Suppport Partners has come under the wing of Omologato to take over the researching of the many proposals we get every day. Although we'd love to mentor and support every person who asks, his job will include choosing the right candidates, mentor them in whatever racing they want to be involved with and then working out the ultimate path to gaining sponsorship.

Here at Omologato we will open our "Black Book" of partners around the World to racers we see with potential, with a view to funding some if not all of their racing.

Ivor Bourne - Bio

"After winning the World Championship with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team in 2014, I decided to break away and work with teams, individuals and businesses both within and outside of sport to share with them some of those winning insights I’d gained from these great people.

Align those experiences with other skills gained over many years from Sales, Electrical Engineering, qualified Air Conditioning design engineer, running a successful property refurbishment business and fully qualified fitness instructor as well as public speaking from the age of 12, I had all the ingredients for Integra Support Partners.

An overview of what I do -

" There are key factors to success in any walk of life. I have learned this from both within the F1 paddock and beyond. With the experiences gained I have developed a program which looks something like this MME - TICKET - 3R's - LEGACY and the two black bags. As you will gather these are all acronyms which if followed will give you the success you are looking for. It is not a magic formula and there is a lot of work involved, in fact I was told many years ago that "...the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary...". 


Want to contact Ivor? Click this link to send him your proposal and details :