Omologato at the Indy 500.

Omologato at the Indy 500.

We're always working hard to launch new products, keep our customer service levels high and to expand in to new markets. This last weekend we launched the new Indianapolis® Chronograph in a spectacular way with our partners Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Indy Car Team at the Worlds biggest race, The Indy 500.

With nearly 400,000 - yes FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND, fans attending the legendary Indianapolis Speedway and soaring temperatures of up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit (the hottest Indy ever) the whole weekend was a fantastic place to present Omologato and our products.  

Seeing our logo on race cars that were lapping the haloed tarmac, was something very special.  

The launch was a massive success with sales exceeding any targets set and we established a firm foundation to take Omologato to the next level in North American sales.

The Indianapolis Chronograph was very well received with nearly all the watches going within 48 hours. We aim to be at more Indy Car races this season and look forward to bringing you more content.

We'd like to thank all our customers for believing in the brand, the product and continually supporting what we do.