Green Hell 25.378km - Tifosi Editions

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    The Background 

    In a tweet Shami Kalra sent out asking for a "peoples" watch, Peter Cate answered with a great design. We liked it so much that we've decided to go further with the idea.

    The indexes are a nod to the length of the circuit 25.378km which was designed by 6 time N24h winner Peter Cate. 

    The Nürburgring, often referred to as the "Green Hell," is a legendary racing circuit located in the Eifel mountains near the town of Nürburg in Germany. Its history is rich and spans nearly a century, making it one of the most iconic and challenging racetracks in the

    The idea of constructing a race track in the Eifel region was conceived in the early 1920s, as Germany sought to establish itself as a prominent location for motorsport. The construction of the Nürburgring began in 1925, under the supervision of Dr. Otto Creutz, with the intention of creating a challenging and demanding track that would serve as a test ground for both cars and drivers.

    The Nürburgring Nordschleife, or "North Loop," was completed in 1927 and quickly gained a reputation for its formidable length (over 20 kilometers) and challenging twists and turns that meandered through the picturesque Eifel forest. The track became an instant hit, attracting top racing teams and drivers of the time.

    Throughout the 1930s, the Nürburgring hosted prestigious races such as the German Grand Prix, solidifying its status as a premier racing venue. The original layout featured a combination of high-speed straights, tight corners, and elevation changes, providing a true test of skill and endurance for drivers.

    During World War II, the Nürburgring suffered damage from bombings, but it was quickly rebuilt in the post-war years. The 1950s saw the emergence of Formula One racing, and the Nürburgring continued to play a central role in the championship. The 1961 German Grand Prix, featuring the epic battle between Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips, remains one of the most memorable events in the track's history.

    In 1970, tragedy struck when British racing legend Jackie Stewart dubbed the circuit the "Green Hell" due to its challenging nature, and the name stuck.

    As safety concerns grew in the following years, Formula One shifted to the newly constructed Nürburgring GP-Strecke, a modern circuit adjacent to the Nordschleife, in 1984. The Nordschleife, however, continued to host various endurance races and became a popular destination for automotive manufacturers testing their vehicles.

    The 2000s brought significant changes to the Nürburgring's ownership and management, with various parties attempting to revitalize the facility. The track underwent renovations, and new attractions, including a theme park and leisure facilities, were added to attract a broader audience.

    In recent years, the Nürburgring has maintained its status as a mecca for automotive enthusiasts, hosting events like the 24 Hours of Nürburgring and serving as a testing ground for high-performance cars. Its unique combination of history, challenging layout, and scenic surroundings continues to captivate racing fans and drivers alike.

    The Nürburgring, with its storied past and ongoing relevance in the world of motorsports, remains a symbol of Germany's racing heritage and a place where automotive dreams are put to the ultimate test on the Green Hell.

    Green Hell® is a Trademark for Class 14 owned by Omologato Ltd Reg No : UK00003914057


     Specs : 

    Movement Japanese Miyota Quartz 

    Case size 41mm 

    lugg 22mm 

    lugg to lugg 46mm

    Materials Stainless Steel Case and Dial

    Strap : 22mm Nylon NATO Green/Black

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