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12May Omologato backs Bradley Gravett in the JCW Mini Challenge

We're always working on new innovative ways to support motorsport. The sponsorship deals we do are a result of a lot of complex behind the scenes B2B conversations to create value for all the partners involved including Liqui Moly.  

Working with Bradley Gravett has been one of those successful partnerships, where we're not paying for just a sticker or social media posts - (and we definitely aren't paying for exaggerated claims of TV coverage). We have worked hard with Robb Gravett - ex BTCC Champion - to bring value via deals that don't even involve a watch!  

"I really like the whole ethos of Omologato" says Bradley Gravett " not only are they selling a motorsport watch, they're backing the sport too"

 Bradley will be racing in the JCW Mini Challenge in 2021 and 2022 with a view to go racing in different higher classes in the future.   We're delighted to part of this journey and in the future will be inviting you to be part of it too.

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